Is Facebook finally killing drop-shipping?


I’ve seen it in many facebook groups: Drop-shipping is dead, Facebook hates us, blah blah blah.

I’m on the intersection of being deep into Facebook’s world and also in the world of dropship and E-commerce in general.

Here’s my view:

  • Facebook WILL ban your account if the feedback from those that have CLICKED your ad and BOUGHT from you is consistently scoring you low. They don’t want poor quality sellers on THEIR platform. Facebook can and will do what they like to improve their user’s experience
  • Drop-shipping is NOT dead. In fact it is VERY FAR from dead. The concept of drop-shipping has been around for decades and will continue to be around for decades
  • You know One of the BIGGEST drop shippers in the world. They’re not dying. QUALITY first.
  • AliExpress drop-shipping is NOT dead. Quality dropshippers/suppliers WILL CONTINUE to grow.
  • Here’s what’s going to die: fast-scaling Ecom stores with zero care for product quality and customer experience. YOU are in Facebook’s cross-hair ????
  • Some of you will find a winning product and scale it to the moon like some experts tell you; it’s a short-term success tactic. Find a winning product, grow it AND focus on keeping the customer experience high
  • Facebook introduced Customer Feedback to tackle poor quality EXPERIENCES. You are tracking it for your store right? Check here
This is how Facebook feedback score looks like
Facebook Feedback Score
  • Whilst not many know of it, yet, each user can review every ad they’ve clicked! WATCH OUT FOR THIS. Up your game. Check here
  • Facebook DON’T hate you or want you to fail. One of the secrets to FAcebook ads success is giving Facebook what they DO want. To help them ENGAGE and RETAIN their users. Anything you do that detracts from Facebook’s goal is on you. It might look like Facebook are constantly changing the rules, but remember, you’re in Facebook’s house. They can change the rules when they want.
  • No successful business can rely on just one marketing channel. Diversify your traffic as soon as you find traction and reduce the risk of your business getting shut down. I made this mistake and blew a 7-figure business which relied on SEO only.
  • When you’re in the early stages of dropship, product quality and customer service may not be the most important thing to you, but if you’re looking to create sustainable success and/or a brand, it HAS TO be the most important thing for your business. For your reputation as a seller and, if it’s important to you, to keep Facebook happy.

Let me know your thoughts on this.



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